Nautical Home Decor

Rope Knot Bowls and Baskets

We  make many different types of rope baskets and bowls. 

The manila fruit bowls look great in a rustic setting. The poly hemp ones are great for a nautical look.

The Kringle Knot Bowl above is created from jute cord, the knot is a named after a Scandinavian pastry.  

Have a look at our full range of rope knot bowls and baskets below.

Rope Curtain Tie-Backs

We have a selection of coastal style curtain tie backs.

Our Monkey Fist Knot Ties are fully adjustable and can even be wrapped around a single curtain without a wall hook, ideal for doorway drapes. We make them in natural jute line as well as the hempex yacht rope. 

We love nautical details such as turks head knots and whipping.  We use traditional tools like fids, sailmakers' palm and twine just like the bosuns of old used to do. 

We can make our spliced curtain ties to a custom length, as well as our chain link ropes.

For the complete range of window accessories, please click on the link below to have a look at our Curtain Tie Section.

Rope Mats

We made our first mat a few years ago to stop grit and sand getting onboard our boat, and it is still going strong!

The Ocean Plait mat is a beautiful design made from one long length of rope. Nelson himself would have recognised it, sailors used to make them from old rope. We use all new rope, whether it is manila, jute or synthetic hemp.

We also create table mats from intricate knots, such as the Kringle, which is named after a Danish biscuit. 

All our knotted mats are invisibly sewn through the outer passes to help them stay 'shipshape'. We never use glue, as we like to do things the traditional way! 

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Rope Doormats

Table Mats