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  1. 2nd 7 days rope knotsThe second set of seven knots as part of #100daysproject of #100ropeknots.

    Top left. Manrope Knot.

    Centre. Clove Hitch.

    Top Right. Kringle Mat Knot.

    Middle Left. Monkey Fist Knot.

    Middle Right. Sheet Bend.

    Bottom Left. Round Turn and Two Half Hitches.

    Bottom Right. Blood or Barrel Knot.

    Except for the Blood Knot, I use the others regularly for making our items or on board our boat.

  2. After seeing some friends starting their 100 days projects, I thought it would fun to do 100 knots in a 100 days.

    Here are the first seven. Don't look too closely at the flat Turk's head knot, I moved the ends when taking the photo and they should be over not under!

    #100daysproject #100ropeknotspixlr_20180522071018870

    Top Left. Carrick Bend.

    Middle Left. Reef Knot.

    Bottom Left. Bowline.

    Centre. True Lover's Knot.

    Top Right. Figure of Eight Knot.

    Middle Right. Square Knot.

    Bottom Right. Turk's Head Knot Flat.