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  1. After seeing some friends starting their 100 days projects, I thought it would fun to do 100 knots in a 100 days.

    Here are the first seven. Don't look too closely at the flat Turk's head knot, I moved the ends when taking the photo and they should be over not under!

    #100daysproject #100ropeknotspixlr_20180522071018870

    Top Left. Carrick Bend.

    Middle Left. Reef Knot.

    Bottom Left. Bowline.

    Centre. True Lover's Knot.

    Top Right. Figure of Eight Knot.

    Middle Right. Square Knot.

    Bottom Right. Turk's Head Knot Flat.

  2. Turks Head, VeniceWhen you are interested in knots you see them everywhere.

    We walked for hours whilst on a family holiday in Venice and we came across this fellow in one of warrens of streets.

    Venice and the Ottaman Empire had extensive and lucrative trading connections between the several wars and conflicts. This statue may have been carved during  peaceful times.

    It makes you wonder if a sailor came up with the name of the Turks Head for a favourite knot after seeing someone with this kind of headgear.

    We loved Venice, it was magical. Although we were only there for five days, it will stay with us for a lifetime.