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Caring for Synthetic Poly Hemp, Hempex Rope

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Caring For Poly Hemp Rope.

It is very easy to look after. It is used on classic boats as it looks traditional without the attention that the old natural ropes needed. 

It is soft to handle as well as very strong and hard wearing.

Vacuuming regularly is best, but if it needs washing, wash gently by hand with a mild detergent, do not scrub, then rinse well. If you have a poly hemp mat or bowl, leave it to dry naturally, carefully retaining its shape. 

It is UV resistant and rot resistant. It is not affected by environmental conditions.

We found out that this rope floats after our Ocean Plait Mat disappeared one night during a severe storm. Over a week later a friend returned it to us after they found it in a corner of the harbour! Luckily she recognised it ours. After a rinse it looked no worse for the journey. It is over 10 years old now, and it still looks good, the colour has changed a little to a soft grey, like a teak deck does.

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